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Data of 106 million travelers to Thailand leaked online


An unsecured database that contains the personal information of millions of visitors to Thailand was exposed online.

The cybersecurity researcher Bob Diachenko discovered his personal data online, stored on an unprotected Elasticsearch database containing the personal details of more than 106 million visitors to Thailand.

The researcher discovered the unsecured database on August 22, 2021, and immediately notified the Thai authorities. He noticed that some of the data stored in the archive date back to ten years.

Even though the IP address of the database is still public, the database was taken offline and has been replaced with a honeypot.

The database was 200GB in size and contained several assets, including more than 106 million records.

The exposed records include full names, arrival dates, gender, residency status, passport numbers, visa information, and Thai arrival card numbers.

Diachenko stated that any foreigner who traveled to Thailand in the last decade might have had their information exposed in the incident. He even confirmed the database contained his own name and entries to Thailand.

However, no financial data was contained in the database. Also the Thai authorities confirmed that the data was not accessed by any unauthorized parties.

Image Credits : T T R Weekly

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