NoScript extension officially released for Google Chrome


NoScript Firefox extension which is a popular tool for privacy-focused users, is now available for Google Chrome. Giorgio Maone the author of NoScript has worked for months on the NoScript Chrome port and is now available from the official Chrome Web Store. Those users who wish to maintain privacy welcomes the NoScript with much joy.

The original Firefox add-on was launched on May 13, 2005 during which it was introduced as a novel concept that a browser add-on could intercept and block the loading or execution of dangerous or unwanted JavaScript code.

This extension has unique features and is always been selected as one of the very few add-ons that come built into default installations of the Tor Browser.

This is also one of the most-used and must-use extensions in the arsenal of security researchers that visit sites with malicious code because this extension can prevent the execution of some exploits. This is the main reason the users have been asking Maone for a Chrome port for years.

The original NoScript for Firefox version was ported from the old Firefox XUL API to the more modern WebExtensions API, which is compatible with both Firefox and Chromium extensions systems. The work on Chrome version was started last year.

Maone fears that some of Google’s planned changes to roll out a set of features might eventually impact NoScript in the long-run.

The Chrome port is almost identical with the Firefox (Tor Browser) version, in terms of blocking /whitelisting abilities, and settings section.

The code base is the same across supported browsers, but on Chromium the NoScript’s XSS filter has been disabled for the time being.

An image of NoScript’s XSS filter showing an alert in the Tor Browser, a feature not available in the Chrome version.

Chromium users will have to depend on the browser’s built-in ‘XSS Auditor,’ which is not as effective as NoScript’s ‘Injection Checker’. But this could not be ported because it requires asynchronous processing of web requests: a feature provided by Firefox only.

At present NoScript for Firefox has more than 1.5 million users, and it is expected that the Chrome version will have a greater number of users due to Chrome’s larger userbase.

This is the Chromium-compatible NoScript’s beta (10.6.x) version and Maone has planned to release NoScript 11 as a ‘stable release for Chrome’ by the end of June.

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