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Ukraine links Gamaredon hackers to Russian FSB


Ukraine’s premier law enforcement and counterintelligence agency have identified five members of the Gamaredon hacking group, a Russian state-sponsored operation known for targeting Ukraine since 2014.

The Gamaredon hacking group, tracked as Armageddon by the SSU, is allegedly operated under the FSB (Russian Federal Security Service) and is believed to be responsible for over 5,000 attacks in Ukraine since the operation began.

The attackers have targeted more than 1,500 government, public and private entities in Ukraine over the past seven years. They aim to collect intelligence, disrupt operations, and take control over critical infrastructure facilities.

The five men accused of taking part in these attacks were identified by SSU investigators who claim to have undisputable evidence of their involvement, coming from communication interceptions.

According to the investigators, they managed to identify the hackers despite using their own custom malware, anonymization tools, and were generally very diligent in hiding their digital trace.

The names of the five individuals the SSU claims are part of the Gamaredon operation are Sklianko Oleksandr Mykolaiovych, Chernykh Mykola Serhiovych, Starchenko Anton Oleksandrovych, Miroshnychenko Oleksandr Valeriovych, and Sushchenko Oleh Oleksandrovych.

All five were reportedly operating under the guidance of the 18th Center of Information Security of the FSB in Moscow.

All the accused are officers of the Crimean FSB who sided with Russia during the peninsula’s occupation in 2014.

The Ukrainian authorities also accused them of treason, espionage, unauthorized inference in the work of electronic computers, and distribution and use of malware.

Image Credits : Bleeping Computer

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