Google Earth accidentally reveals Taiwan’s secret military sites


Google Earth has accidentally revealed the secret Taiwanese military installations due to an update in the Google Earth online platform.

According to the South China Morning Post, few of the most sensitive military sites of Taiwan have been revealed publicly through the update, which includes new three-dimensional renditions of Taipei, New Taipei, Taoyuan, and Taichung.

A military base which is supposedly a facility for US made Patriot missiles is very clear and has not been blurred to prevent the public from viewing the site. It is also reported that Taiwan’s National Security Bureau and the Military Intelligence Bureau are also visible on the new maps.

Taiwanese Defence Minister Yen Te-fa said that they have employed a task force to work with Google in the interest of national security. While the military will work to improve the camouflage of facilities on the ground, Google will be asked to blur the sites. He also tried to assure the public that the exposure will not affect Taiwan’s military operations.

Taiwan’s Fort Act prevents companies like Google and Apple from revealing major military bases on the island. But the law does not extend to all sites.

Taiwan is not the only country facing national security threats in light of advanced and precise commercial satellite technology.

Also, this is not the first time Taiwan had asked Google to make alterations to their maps. Ealier in 2016, the ministry had asked Google to blur out part of Taiping Island, or Itu Aba in the South China Sea that showed four new military structures on the western coastline.

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