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5 Information Security Skills Employers Like


Today the driving force in the economy worldwide is data. There is continuous exchange of information taking place between individuals, computers, and machines. This new world brings lots of career opportunities together with the challenges.

Security is more than Only Adequate Software

There is vast growth of opportunity but together with it comes lots of risks such as loss of information, theft, and manipulation. In this data-driven world, security skills are more than just installing sufficient security software. It is time that the IT professionals and other staffs should upgrade their toolkits to meet the requirements set by modern employers.

Some of the skills which are in high demand are:

  • The Concept, Value, Importance, and Reliability of Information. It is very important to have critical thinking skills about the value of information in an era where there are social media manipulation and lots of fake news circulating.
  • The Concepts of Threat and Risk, and their Relationship with Reliability of Information. The IT professional should be educated about the trends in hacking and cyber warfare. They should be able to take a realistic estimation of information.
  • The Security Policy and Security Organization. The employees must know the details like who has access to a particular system or what measures are to be taken in occurrence of a breach.
  • The Importance of Security Measures. Security is the most important factor in a firm and the weakest link in any security system is the human factor. It is very easy to bribe an employee and they easily fall prey to human engineering.
  • The Importance and Impact of Legislation and Regulations. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a case in point and this European regulation mandates for strict data security practices.
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