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Adobe releases out-of-band software updates


Adobe has released an important security update for six of its products to patch a total of 41 new security vulnerabilities.

The bugs were found in 6 widely-used software which includes Adobe Genuine Integrity Service, Adobe Acrobat and Reader, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe ColdFusion and Adobe Bridge.

According to the security advisories, 29 of the 41 vulnerabilities are critical in severity, and the remaining have been rated important.

Adobe Acrobat and Reader software for Windows and macOS systems contain 13 flaws, out of which 9 are critical.

Adobe Genuine Integrity Service, a utility in Adobe suite that prevents users from running non-genuine or cracked pirated software, has one important severity privilege escalation flaw.

Adobe Photoshop, the popular photo editing software for Windows and macOS users, has a total of 22 vulnerabilities, out of which 16 are critical.

Adobe also patches one sensitive information disclosure flaw in the Experience Manager application, two critical flaws in the ColdFusion and two critical bugs in the Adobe Bridge digital asset management app,

All critical flaws are memory corruption issues that can lead to arbitrary code execution attacks, except the one in ColdFusion that could let attackers read arbitrary files (CVE-2020-3761) from the install directory.

Adobe stated that none of the security vulnerabilities fixed were publicly disclosed or exploited in the wild.

All the users are highly recommended to download and install the latest versions of the affected software to protect their systems from potential cyber-attacks.

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